Episode 8

Episode 8

Episode 2 - Henry Board
Episode Episode 8
Airdate August 24, 2012

Created by      

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline

47:35 hours remain

Some things are worth the risk


Henry tries to solve as many rooms as quickly as possible without raising alarm of their possible danger to the other players.

Characters/Rooms Introduced

  • Birdcage room
  • Witch Room
  • Balloon Room
  • Parachute Room
  • Raft Room


  • Shane Spalione as Henry
  • Barry Warrick as Bike Guy
  • Ashley Key as Nicole (Power/ Lights)
  • Ransom Boynton as Surveillance Room
  • Kristi Mahe as Piano Room
  • Adam Epelbaum as Eric
  • Rachel Leyco as Anne (Whiteboard)
  • Alexia Dox as Alex
  • Carlo Maghirang as Ben (Fortune Cookies)
  • Peter Weidman as Birdcage Room
  • Anthony Lopez as Witch Room
  • Caleb Mills Stewart as Balloon Room
  • Rachel Kerbs as Parachute Room
  • Chris Wilson as Raft Room
  • Laura Waddell as The Vault (voice)

(Additional Voices)

  • Aja Mandrell
  • Vianne Enriquez
  • Jon Directo
  • Matthew Bridges
  • Jerod Ashton
  • Eff Alexander
  • Mario Miscione
  • Aaron Hann

The Vault - Episode 8

The Vault - Episode 8