Episode 7

Episode 7

Episode Episode 7
Airdate August 3, 2012

Created by      

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline

48 hours remaining

The seventh episode of The Vault. This episode is dedicated to Barry Warrick, one of our actors and friends who passed away. He was a great guy. We're so glad he was a part of this show, which might not even exist without him. RIP Barry. We'll miss you.


48 hours of power remains. Time is running out, faster than they thought, but that's only the beginning of their problems. With no contact from the producers do they carry on or hope someone will find them before they run out of more than just time.

Characters/Rooms Introduced

  • Nicole (Power/ Lights)
  • Rebecca (Food Room)


The Vault - Episode 7

The Vault - Episode 7