Episode 6

Episode 6

Episode Episode 6
Airdate July 16, 2012

Created by      

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline


Unforeseen complications threaten the entire game.


Hours after the earthquake, the Vault is still offline.  Trapped in his room and cut off from the other players without his switchboard, Henry can only wait in darkness to see what happens next.  

His mind is eased slightly by the realization that he can speak through his wall to Steve, the player next door, but their conversation also raises new questions:  Was the quake real or is this all part of the game?  And if the game is still going, how are they supposed to play without power?

Characters/Rooms Introduced

  • Surveillance Room


(Additional Voices)

  • Amy Puzia
  • Thomas Koch
  • Shawn Viaggi
  • Jackie Hisaw
  • Lauren Baldwin
  • Roger Duhmael
  • Jerod Ashton


Known as one of their gutsier episodes, The Vault managed to keep everyone entertained even though most of the episode is in the dark, and can't be seen.

The Vault - Episode 6

The Vault - Episode 6