Episode 2

Episode 2

Episode Episode 2
Airdate September 20, 2011

Created by      

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline


Henry must contend with a game much larger than he anticipated.


After discovering there are more players than originally thought, Henry rushes to make progress.  However, with each new player he meets, all he ends up with are more questions.

Characters Introduced


  • Shane Spalione as Henry
  • Adam Epelbaum as Eric
  • Carlo Maghirang as Ben (Fortune Cookies)
  • Blanca Gomez as Clown Room
  • Roy Rosell as The King
  • Tybee Diskin as Water Room
  • Emily Evans as Ashley (Mirror Room)
  • Christian Alejandre as Jail Room
  • Alison Vance as Rachel (Tool Room)
  • Adam Quinney as Ship Wheel Room

The Vault - Episode 2

The Vault - Episode 2