Episode 13Edit

Episode 13

Episode Episode 13
Airdate May 20, 2012

Created by

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline

Coming to the end

Time is running out as the remaining players try to complete and solve "The Vault."


The phone rings, but what will it reveal? Time is running out and running out fast, with the continued loss of players solving the rooms and the game is getting more and more difficult. Tensions rise as rooms black out and Henry worries they may risk losing more than the game. A difficult room is solved but they're still left with questions: Will they win or lose? Quit or give up? Are they playing or are they in danger? They battle with the game as one player puts the questions to the test. 


  • J.R. Cox as James
  • Martina Kern as Martina
  • Natalie Montemayor as Natalie
  • Gordon James Jr. as Brian
  • Sasha Feldman as Ryan
  • George Mann as George
  • Matt Bridges as Matt (Magic Lamp Room)
  • Laura Waddell as Michelle/The Vault (voice)
  • Adrienne Elijah as Radio Room
  • Lilit Arakelyan as Amy (Fish Room)
  • Jamie Alan Anthony as Map Room
  • Omar Najam as Omar (Clocks)
  • Ryan Turner as Chess Room
  • Adam Quinney as Ship Wheel Room
  • Chelsea Kent as Puzzle Room

(Addt. voices)

  • Aaron Hann
  • Mario Miscione
  • Shane Spalione as Henry
  • Adam Epelbaum as Eric
  • Alexia Dox as Alex
  • Carlo Maghirang as Ben (Fortune Cookies)
  • Ashley Key as Nicole (Power/Lights)
  • Rachel Leyco as Anne
  • Steve Greene as Steve (Phone Room)
  • Kristi Mahe as Piano Room
  • Barry Warrick as Bike Guy
  • Gordon James, Jr. as Brian
  • Roy Rosell as The King
  • Desiree Perry as Two Doors
  • Bernie Stern as Golf Room
  • Nikita Turk as Coffin Room
  • Zach Hatch as Zach (Red Button)
  • Andre Young as Hole in the Floor
  • Emily Evans as Ashley (Mirror Room)
  • Christian Alejandre as Jail Room
  • Caleb Mills Stewart as Balloon Room
  • Justin Marshall Elias as Justin

The Vault - Episode 13

The Vault - Episode 13