Episode 12

Episode 12

Episode Episode 12
Airdate April 12, 2013

Created by      

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline


The end begins. The first part of the final 45 minutes.


At the start, Episode 12 recaps questions The Vault has had before only to soon remind us that in The Vault things aren't always what they seem.

Characters/Rooms Introduced

  • Justin
  • Lauren
  • George
  • James
  • Brian
  • Sarah
  • Heather
  • Adam
  • Sal
  • Martina
  • Ryan
  • James
  • Taylor
  • Amanda


  • Steve Greene as Steve (Phone Room)
  • Martina Kern as Martina
  • Caleb Mills Stewart as Balloon Room
  • Rebecca Brudzynski as Rebecca (Food Room)
  • Sasha Feldman as Ryan
  • Jules Dominguez as Two Person Room
  • Katie Wright as Katie (Two Person Room)
  • James Simenc as James 
  • Taylor Murphy-Sinclair as Taylor
  • Blanca Gomez as Clown Room
  • Laura Waddell as Michelle/The Vault (voice)
  • Adam Epelbaum as Eric
  • Amanda Berning as Amanda
  • Ransom Boynton as Surveillance Room
  • Shane Spalione as Henry
  • Justin Marshall Elias as Justin
  • Alexia Dox as Alex
  • Caslin Rose as Lauren
  • Carlo Maghirang as Ben (Fortune Cookies)
  • George Parker Mann as George
  • J.R. Cox as James
  • Barry Warrick as Bike Guy
  • Gordon James, Jr. as Brian
  • Lilit Arakelyan as Amy (Fish Room)
  • Sarah Newswanger as Sarah
  • Desiree Perry as Two Doors
  • Heather Schmidt as Heather
  • Emily Evans as Ashley (Mirror Room)
  • Adam Jay as Adam

The Vault - Episode 12

The Vault - Episode 12