Episode 11

Episode 11

Episode Episode 11
Airdate November 14, 2012

Created by      

Aaron Hann

Mario Miscione

Vault Timeline


It isn't always what you expect


Everyone continues to play the game while wondering if things are really okay. Some locks are broken others remain closed as Henry tries to get each player to do their part.

Characters/Rooms Introduced

  • Coffin Room
  • Devil
  • Angel
  • Jenna (Pinata Room)
  • Two Doors
  • Suitcase Room


  • Shane Spalione as Henry
  • Adam Epelbaum as Eric
  • Alexia Dox as Alex
  • Carlo Maghirang as Ben (Fortune Cookies)
  • Nikita Turk as Coffin Room
  • Jillian Fratkin as the Devil
  • Chad Alligood as the Angel
  • Laura Waddell as Michelle/The Vault (voice)
  • Alyssa Nicole Carter as Jenna (Pinata Room)
  • Desiree Perry as Two Doors
  • Evan Yu as Suitcase Room
  • Shawn Gray as Shawn (Pie Room)
  • Steve Greene as Steve (Phone Room)
  • Barry Warrick as Bike Guy
  • Lilit Arakelyan as Amy (Fish Room)

(Additional Voices)

  • Mario Miscione

The Vault - Episode 11

The Vault - Episode 11