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• 4/30/2016

Will we have a second season shown?

When will the season 2 be shown?
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• 12/14/2014


Hi everybody!
I'd like to translate this excellent work and share my owns subtitles, if you permit it of course.
In my own language of course, so I began to do it, when I saw on youtube that a people had try to do it on his own network, but it seems you said him not to do,why? Please, permit me to do it, give me conditions as you want, but I guess, profit is for you.
Actually no one knows the vault in France, that's a potential you can't ignore, few people are interested by watching english without subtitles.
I just beg you to transmit me texts from the episodes, youtube capture is a joke, my english is not the best, and it's hard to ear what is said sometime, so to be more accurate, please, let me see it.
I hope a favorable answer ^^
Pleased to contact you
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• 2/5/2014

Who is the person that says the briefcase combination?

Who is the person that says the briefcase combination?
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• 7/31/2013

The Numbers Puzzle

I have been looking for many ways to solve this, looking into basic things like binary coding, also to the periodic table (was a long shot)   to the number of stickers on the USA map in the film (even or odd)  and the population of the states... but still no joy.
What other ways are people trying.
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